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Life Insurance – Needed, Not Always Wanted….

One of the most important aspects of financial planning is unfortunately the main thing people do not plan for or even like to discuss and that is what would happen if the unfortunate happened and you were not here to provide for your family.  I ask all of my clients that if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you want to protect today?  How many years of your salary to ensure your family can continue [...]

Ex Pats – Is it worth using a mortgage broker?

The mortgage market is laden with offers – with ultra-low fixed rates and more attractive deals for buyers with small deposits driving a rise in new borrowing and remortgaging. Last week, Yorkshire Building Society alone reported a 70 per cent leap in remortgaging on the previous summer as borrowers acted ahead of a rumoured rise in interest rates. Rachel Springall at comparison website Moneyfacts says: ‘Rates have been at record lows this year, but since murmurings of a base rate rise, [...]

Free Guide “15 Questions answered about Ex-Pat Mortgages in the UAE.”

I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked mortgage-related questions from clients based in the UAE: 1)   Does it matter that I live permanently overseas? No, expat mortgages can be obtained whilst you are permanently based overseas.  It is important to speak to a knowledgeable broker who can obtain a Mortgage in Principle before you start to submit offers. 2)   What if my income isn’t paid into the UK/ in a foreign currency This isn’t typically a problem; banks will usually convert to sterling [...]

How To Haggle a House Price Down

Here are 7 simple ways to haggle down the asking price so you can make big savings on your new home – even if you are not a natural at negotiating.   A house is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you ever make, and knocking the price down by even a couple of percent could save you thousands of pounds. Here is how: Do your research Research the property you are looking at Ask the agent how many viewings the property [...]